Something To Sip On In Nevada City

The neo-hippie town of Nevada City about an hour northeast of Sacramento is a place to find dreadlocks, vegetarian friendly menus, and quirky street festivals. It may be most famous for its environmental film festival, but it turns out that it’s also a great place to taste wine. Within the city limits are a handful of charming tasting rooms that showcase the area’s assortment of local wines. Beginning with the homey Clavey on Commercial Street, this is a place where you can sip Sangiovese and Syrah while chatting with the winemaker himself. Another family owned operation is the elegantly adorned Szabo tasting room. Here, wine enthusiasts can sit at the long red gum eucalyptus bar and gaze at antiques and local paintings while sampling award winning Rhone-inspired blends. A trip to the Nevada City wine tasting rooms wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the oldest winery in town. What started out as a simple garage project in 1980 is now, ironically, located in the historic Miner’s Foundry Garage nestled in the center of town. Medals and ribbons from wine competitions embellish the tasting room, and a wide range of wines including Gewürztraminer, Dolcetto, and Petit Verdot are all available for sampling. Whether you’re in town for the weekend for antique store hopping, taking a brief respite from the Nevada City Victorian Christmas festival, or just looking for something delicious to pair with your garden burger, the tasting rooms of Nevada City are a delightful way to enjoy this distinctive Gold Rush town.

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